Becca x Jaclyn Hill- Champagne Pop Review!

As a girl who has slightly more tanned skin than a ghost, I find it incredibly hard to find a highlight that doesn’t look too dark on my cheekbones. Within my local drug store I find it incredibly difficult to find a highlighter that isn’t too dark and looks like sparkly bronzer or a light shade that gives a subtle highlight.

Alas the search went on to satisfy my need for cheekbones that pop at any angle. I very nearly gave up this almost impossible hunt. Then the stars aligned and one of my favourite You Tubers Jaclyn Hill announced she is teaming up with Becca Cosmetics and they were launching a highlight!

Champagne Pop

Now this highlight came out last summer and as I live in the UK it means even after I buy it there will be an importation charge. Which largely put me off as to import would cost just as much as the highlight itself. And I didn’t have that kind of money. But someone lovely bought it for me for Christmas and needless to say I was over the moon.

Champagne Pop
Champagne Pop

Becca Cosmetics have a reputation for having beautiful highlights, and Champagne Pop is no exception. This soft white gold highlight with undertones of a peachy pink is designed to work on every person and every skin tone. Creating a beautiful glow from within.

Champagne Pop

This creamy powder of luminosity gives my fair skin a radiant glow that makes my skin appear to be kissed by the highlighting gods.

Champagne Pop

To apply this highlight I used my  Real Techniques tapered blush brush, which you can get here.

Champagne Pop
Champagne Pop

I absolutely love this highlight it’s satisfied my need for a poppin’ cheekbone highlight at all angles. Champagne Pop perfect for any occasion, from a glamorous night out look to a casual everyday look.

And since I got Champagne Pop for Christmas it has now gone from limited edition to a permanent product and it is now more easily available in the UK, which you can get here!

Thanks for reading this post, see you again soon!


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  1. Sabrina says:

    Everyone always says Becca has the best highlighters! I’m fighting the urge to buy one for myself because I don’t really need it but it just looks so pretty!


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