My Bad Habit

Hello! As you can tell by the title, this post is all about my bad habit. And I know to break a habit, the first thing to do is admit it. Now I will be the first to admit I have this bad habit, but I’m so embarrassed by it. I hate it when people notice it, yet I still carry on doing it! And it is taking a lot for me to post this but I figured I’m not the only one to have a bad habit. But this bad habit is one I need to break.

The bad habit I have is actually picking the skin next to the nail bed. Not the nail itself or cuticles, the skin right next to it. Ugh it’s horrible. So I figured that if I blog about it, it’ll encourage me not to do it. Now it’s not like I’ve not tried to crack it. I can maybe go for 2-3 days maximum before I have a relapse.

I don’t really know where the habit came from, I think it started in my early teens, but I’m not sure why. The reason I continue to do it now is because of either stress or because there’ll be a piece of skin coming off and I’ll just have to remove it or it’ll just annoy me. And here’s the bit I am cringing about as I type, sometimes I don’t just pick the one piece if skin off, I’ll pick my finger so bad that it bleeds and is sore and red for a few days. Ugh. I hate doing it. When I do it really bad I’ll feel bad and vow to never do it again, yet a week later I’ll do it again. I just can’t seem to stop, and it’s so frustrating.


But over the past, maybe 2/3 weeks I haven’t picked my nails as severely as I have in the past. That’s not the point, I still pick my fingers. Ugh, it’s so disgusting. And it’s not like I can hide it (trust me when I pick bad I do try my best to hide them!) I just need to stop. So maybe having the motivation to keep them nice for this blog, as well as the help from my boyfriend (he always catches me out when I pick my fingers!).

I feel really unhappy that I have this nasty habit, but I really want to break it. As you can see from the pictures my nails aren’t too bad right now. And I have had gel nails done, I got them done with my mum for Mothers Day. And they have helped me stop picking my fingers as I want them to look pretty as people have been commenting a lot on them.

Thank you for reading this post. Maybe I’ll do an update in a few months if you guys enjoy this post..? And hopefully I can help encourage you to help stop a habit you want to break!


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