Curious Thoughts: Cruelty Free Makeup

I don’t know about you, but on my recent splurge at Boots I didn’t check if any of the brands I bought were cruelty free. As I was applying my make up the next day, one of the brands I used has a little bunny logo on it. I knew it was the logo for cruelty free i.e. isn’t tested on animals. It got me thinking, out of curiosity how many of the brands I use regularly are cruelty free?

That lead me to searching the internet and I was surprised at how many companies, especially big brand companies, that still in the twenty-first century are testing on animals.

In 2013 the EU banned cosmetics testing on animals, and yet it is still happening with some of the leading companies world wide. The loopholes in the law, along with many brands’ policy of testing outside the EU, mean that companies can call themselves cruelty-free when they actually aren’t. Animal rights organisation PETA – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals – say brands are testing their products at some stage of the development. They say the testing is still taking place abroad as it is an issue of cost, as animal testing can be cheaper and easier then humane methods. Human methods include trials using human cells and tissues, advance computer modelling techniques and human volunteer studies.

However the companies sell cruelty free products within the EU due to the 2013 ban, but they also have to comply with the law abroad. Which can mean creams, lotions and make up are demanded to be tested on animals. For example any cosmetic company selling in China, must submit them to be tested in Chinese laboratories, where more than 300,000 animals a year are used and welfare laws slack.

Many companies have policies on their website which state that they don’t test on animals anywhere in the world, with the key catch ‘Except where required by law’.

Companies like L’oreal, Olay, Smashbox are only an example that state this. Whist they don’t conduct the test themselves, they still allow unnecessary testing to be done by other entitles. So they can’t be on the list of companies that don’t test of animals.

All this information I’ve found out via the internet and after looking at many lists and checking websites here is a list of some of the cosmetics companies that don’t test on animals:


Too Faced


Kat Von D



Dose of Colours

Make Up Geek




Anastasia Beverly Hills


Yes To

Obsesive Compulsive Colour


Here is a list of some of the companies that do test on animals:


Bobbi Brown





Max Factor






Estee Lauder


Now the point of the post is not to say that I will never use the brands that test on animals ever again, because a lot of them I use on a regular basis and love their products. But after seeing the logo on a product it made me curious. I simply wanted to know about what brands are and aren’t cruelty free and why they all weren’t cruelty free. After looking into it, it has definitely made me more cautious to the make up I buy. I have learnt a few facts after looking into this and I hope that you have too.

If you want to check to see if your favourite beauty brand is cruelty free or not here is a link to Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).


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