The ‘Boyfriend Explains What Makeup Is’ Tag!

I have seen this tag a few times and they have been so funny that I couldn’t resist doing this tag with my boyfriend. Tom and I have been together for over a year and I’d like to think that when I ramble on about something Jaclyn Hill or Desi Perkins have been using that I would love to own, he listens. I loved doing this tag it was so funny to see what he thought of everything. So lets get straight to it!


BB Cream:

*Thinks* Hmm BB Cream.. will you tell me what it means.. does it mean anything? Is it Beauty Bay Cream.. Cream from Beauty Bay. That’s not my final answer, is it like foundation, light foundation. Actually hold it is it something before you start? It’s either like foundation or something you put on before you start.


You put on to prime your face. You put it all over your face before you start. Clue is in the title really.


Um I know what it is but I don’t know how to describe it. You put it all over your face to make your skin look more.. um less pored and blemishy. 


Conceals anything you want to hide on your face. You put it under your eyes and get different colours.


*Thinks* You don’t use powder do you? You don’t do you? Is it like talcum powder do you just put it on your face to freshen yourself up. 

Brow Gel:

So you can do funky hairstyles on your eyebrows.. nah it’s to flatten and tidy up your eyebrows. 

Eye Shadow:

Just makes your eyes look pretty. You put it above your eye.. below the crease.


Fleeky. You put it above you’re top eyelash and do a little flick. I don’t know what the purpose of it is but it looks pretty cool. It’s what makes you late, because you can’t get them equal.


Put it on your eyelashes to make them more longer and darker.. more fluttery. Do you put mascara on fake eyelashes?


Colour correcter. You put under your eyes. You have different colours like purple.. purple? It corrects and gets rid of redness doesn’t it? 


Umm… how do you describe it?… Use it to extenuate the edges on your face like your cheek bones and nose and forehead. People use contour on their boobs and bums to make them look bigger.  Contour is a thing for  girls to fool anyone. 


You put them on your cheeks to make them rosy. Thats like the colour you see here below you cheekbone and contour. You see girls with really dark cheeks because they’re using really dark blush or is that highlight??


Bronzer is what I just said. About being below your cheeks. Makes your face look more tanned.


Make you cheekbones pop! It’s what your obsessed with. But you can put it on other places can’t you? With contour?

Setting Spray:

Holds it all in place. So you can survive rain. It just means it all stays in place.

Lip Liner:

Lines your lips.. it’s like a pencil isn’t it? You can draw around your lips and draw new lips.

Beauty Blender:

Is it like an art palette? Where you put it all together and mix it up? Like putting blue and yellow together to make green. That is if you want green on your face, but I don’t know why you would…

And that’s it, I loved doing this tag! It was so funny to hear his answers and explain how he sees makeup products. After we went through his answers and what they are if they got them incorrect, he hopefully learnt a few new things. He does just want to say he prefers his version of a beauty blender! To be honest I am impressed with how much he remembered, he must listen a little when I ramble on about my latest makeup obsession!

If you want to do this tag with your boyfriend or male friend then please do! Link in the comments below your post if you do it, I love reading these!


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