My Bad Habit #2

Hello! I recently treated myself to having my nails done with my best friend. She had her nails painted and I had gel nails. The last time I had gel nails I made a blog post about My Bad Habit, which you can read here. Since I had gel nails first done in March, I thought it would be a good time to see if I had achieved my goal of not picking!

As I booked my nail appointment two weeks prior to getting them done, it gave me 14 days to grow nice nails and to not have sore skin around them. And I have to say, I am shocked at how well I’ve done at leaving my fingers alone! I have hardly touched the skin around my nails as I knew I had this appointment.



Since my last Bad Habit post I’ve since then found out the reason I pick my nails is due to feeling anxious/nervous/stressed. I only ever pick when I feeling those emotions. However as I have been determined to break this habit and I have left my fingers alone despite feeling incredibly anxious last week.

I still have picked every now and then and in the past 5 months sometimes my fingers have been so sore and red from the amount I have picked them. I used to feel so embarrassed about my fingers in case anyone would point them out and query it. But now I have achieved hardly touching my fingers when I’m feeling anxious/nervous/stressed and it feels so amazing not to have done it and not to have to be embarrassed any more. Instead I have bought 3 stress balls to keep in different places so  I am able to keep my fingers busy with something other than my fingers!

Thank you for reading, until next time!


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