The Power of Makeup

As a makeup junkie, the effects of makeup are all over my social media. I love watching the beauty guru’s transform their features and look a flawless even more beautiful version of themselves. Wishing that one day I too will achieve a flawless complexion. Recently it has made me realise an important aspect about makeup, in my own opinion.

Below is myself with half a face of no makeup and the other a full face (I didn’t realise that the red lipstick was smudged slightly until I had taken the makeup off, let’s pretend it isn’t smudged ). I was inspired to do this because whilst makeup is amazing at hiding all the things we wish to change and enhancing the things we love most about our face. It took me, I would say maybe until a year ago, a year and a half max, until I finally accepted me for me.

Every time I would look in the mirror I would find at least 3 imperfections, no matter what kind of makeup day I was having. I was fed up of always seeing something I deemed ugly every time I passed a mirror. I wanted to feel acceptance for myself. And it happened when a few things fell into place and I realised I no longer needed to wear makeup to feel confident and at ease with my own skin. It was no longer my comfort blanket to feel okay about myself.

It’s so easy to be caught up in the latest makeup technique or the latest product. It can almost be a trap, an obsession. Makeup is a powerful thing, an amazing thing. You can do the most amazing, crazy or colourful look and it all washes off. It’s not permanent. And that’s the best part, nothing about makeup is forever.

Now, I no longer see the things I used to and I realised I don’t need makeup to always feel good about my complexion. As for makeup, I love to try new looks, new products and new techniques whilst still doing all the things I love. My love affair with makeup is still going strong, I don’t seeing it ending any time soon. But it’s a different relationship to what is used to be, one which is better and only empowers me. Rather than feeling like it’s an essential to feel okay about myself.

Thank you for reading my ramblings! Until next time lovelies!


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13 thoughts on “The Power of Makeup

  1. askalimae says:

    Everything you said is so true! When I was in high school I was always so insecure and would feel like I HAD to wear makeup, but over time I have transitioned my thinking into seeing it more as something I enjoy but am confident without it as well!

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  2. Beauty in Nostalgia says:

    Love this! This post sends out a great message! And it’s something everyone can relate to on some level.


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