August 2016 Hits & Misses!

I swear every monthly favourite’s I do always has something like ‘oh my gosh where has this month gone!?’  But for real though, where has this month gone!? We are almost in Autumn and I can’t wait! But that’s for next month, here are my favourite products as well as some misses (a first for this blog) for the month of August!

I want to start with something that isn’t pictured. In the short time I have been doing this blog, it is only the past few months I have really been posting and upping my game (at least I’d like to think I am). And so when I got these notifications I was so surprised and so happy!

I first got 1,000 likes in the middle of August and a week later I hit 200 followers! I only hit 100 at the end of July and I have gained over 100 of you lovely people in a short space of time! I wanted to thank each and everyone of you who have liked, commented and followed me. It means so much that people want to read my posts! A huge thank you and internet hug to you all! And to my friends, family and Tom who have been so supportive and encouraging, you’ve been amazing and I can never thank you enough!


Starting off with more Hits of August I loved reading Girl Online and Girl Online On Tour by Zoe Sugg (I know as per I’m late to join the bandwagon). Once I started reading them I struggled to put them back down! There aren’t many books I have read where anxiety is a factor of the character and it’s been helpful and insightful to read someone else’s struggles and how they over came it.

Another Hit is the Seventeen Define and Conquer Contour Kit*. This was sent to me by Seventeen a few months ago and I have been loving using it. The contour shade is perfect for my pale complexion and doesn’t leave my cheeks looking like a stripe of mud has been left on them. Plus it’s budget friendly!

The last Hit I have for August is the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray. I bought this at the beginning of the month and I love it. I wore it when I went to London for the Seventeen event and my makeup was on for 13 hours. It survived heat, the tube and shopping. I bought the travel size and when it runs out I will definitely be going back for the full size! It is definitely worth the hype!

A first for this blog are some Misses, products that haven’t worked out for me. First up is the Garnier Ambre Solare Self-Tanning Dry Body Mist. I bought this last year in hope to become slightly more tan (obviously) but never got round to using it as I also bought a tanning lotion. So this summer I decided to give it a whirl and see how it looked. It says on the back of the bottle that “If you have fair skin and want a subtle, sun-kissed tan like you have just come back from your holidays. No streaks bronzer will give you the beautiful glow of  a light tan”.  I could not agree less.
I have fairly fair skin and before using it I would shave and exfoliate the night before using it. I held the bottle a good distance from my legs. However when the tan developed it was awful! My legs were a streaky orange mess. As a result even in the hot weather we had here in Wiltshire I had no choice but to cover up my legs until the streaky tan disappeared. I’ve tried using this multiple times with the same result.  Plus doing it in my room all I could smell for days was fake tan. It wasn’t a good time. I’ll stick to using tanning lotion.

The last product of my August Hits and Misses is the Sleek Matte Me lip cream in Shabby Chic. And it’s a Miss for me. I picked this up recently and was looking forward to using it, originally I picked up two but luckily I put one back. The smell is okay, could be better and it has a nice applicator. When I first tried it on my lips I liked how smoothly it applied, it wasn’t too patchy. The colour I got I thought would dry more pinky than it did, it dried quite a cool toned purple on me.
However as soon as I put my lips together they stuck to each other. Even after waiting for 5 minutes for the product to dry matte, it never did. They remained really tacky. I carried on with my day and they didn’t dry down to be ultra matte as the bottle claimed. Shabby c semi survived through lunch as it came off in flakes and left a ring around my lips where it came off. Overall I’m not a fan of this product, it dries to be tacky and it’s not something I like in a matte lip product.

And that’s it, my August Hits and Misses! I am so excited to (continue) wearing dark lips, thick jumpers, drink hot chocolate in the coming months! We have had a pretty good summer here in Wiltshire and some crazy things have happened in the past few months!

Thank you for reading, until next time!


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*This product was sent to me for review, but thoughts and opinions are my own

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    • Amethyst Rose Beauty says:

      The setting spray is everything 🙌🏻 I’ve seen so many mixed reviews for the Matte Me liquid lips but for me I can’t get along with it 😅

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  1. TOAMerQueen says:

    AHHH Zoe fan!!! :’) haha, I love the Urban Decay Primer the most!!! (Have you tried the eye primer!?!) xxxx


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