Boyfriend Does My Makeup Challenge!

I have seen this tag so many times on YouTube and I have always wanted Tom to do my makeup. I loved doing the ‘Boyfriend Explains What Makeup Is’ Tag, it was so funny to see how he views my makeup. And to see if he listens when I ramble onto him about the makeup. So last weekend I asked him randomly if he would do my makeup and a little while later I was date night ready.. or was I?!

To start off I picked out products for him to use and laid them out on my vanity. For a good few minutes Tom sat looking at the makeup I had got out for him then he asked me if I could help him out, tell him what goes where. Of course I said no, that he had to choose what he thought was right.

At first Tom started off by applying a blob of primer on each cheek and my forehead. This was then followed by a pump of foundation on each cheek. My eyebrows were left alone, I got blush all over my face (literally put everywhere), a very bronzed and highlighted look. Not to mention my eye makeup or my lips. I didn’t look in a mirror until he had finished, enjoy these photos below of how my makeup ended up!

I have never laughed so much, Tom doing my makeup was one of the funniest afternoons. But I don’t think I would go out for a date night, his skills need more practice! Tom did say he now respects my makeup skills more and even has let me off for future dates if when I’m late!

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