Changes in a Week

This past week has been one of those weeks where it starts off normal but has hidden twists and turns. Monday was fine, Tuesday I had a job interview, it was Wednesday and Thursday that had the sudden turns.


Just to give some background my family lost our youngest cat last month, she dissapeared and never came home. This month we lost our oldest cat, she had been unwell for just over a month. The vets didn’t know what caused her stomach to swell so large she looked heavily pregnant (which she wasn’t it was fluid). Wednesday was the day the specialist vet would decide whether to put her on medicine or put her to rest. But my poor baby never made it to the vets. She made the decision for us.

I woke up to find her with my mum, unable to move. She was still alive but barely there. My mum and I spent the morning with her, giving her cuddles and comfort. In the last morning with my four-legged best friend, I was unable to comprehend what was happening, disbelieving it was real. Holding onto a shred of hope she would get up any second and be okay.

I found Wednesday to be one of the hardest days. It was so unexpected and took me by surprise. And I still now expect to see her coming running into the living room and meowing for a fuss or attention. Or in the garden soaking up the sun.

Thursday I spent the afternoon with my grandparents, they helped distract me and made me feel better. I know my furry baby is in a better place and no longer suffering with her swollen belly.

Thursday afternoon was also the day I got offered a new job and so did Tom, how weird is that!? So we both start our new adventures next week.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with my grandparents helping them in their garden and we then went to Boots to pick up my Grandmas favourite lipstick. She also treated me to a new lipstick as they were on offer.

Overall this week has been a roller-coaster. Although our house is quieter I will always remember and love my beautiful four-legged best friend. And I am excited to start a new career and for Tom to start his.

I have made a few orders and will have some exciting posts up soon. But for now I have pretty much come to terms with the events of this week. It still upsets me and I know in time I will be okay. She may only be a cat to you, but to me she was my best friend.

Thank you for reading, until next time.


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18 thoughts on “Changes in a Week

  1. ashlexyz says:

    Sorry to hear about your fur baby 😦 I remember when I lost my cat from a stroke and it was the most awful day for me, I still miss her now and it’s been a few years! I hope you feel better soon, and congrats on both of your new jobs! ~ Ashley xo

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  2. TOAMerQueen says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your cat. I understand completely, I watched my cat die in my mum’s arms…sounds dramatic but it’s the truth. It’s so sad especially when you’ve grown up with the cat. ❤ lots of love sending your way xxxx

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