Seventeen Mega Matte #2 | Review

I have 6 Seventeen Mega Matte lipsticks, 3 of which I reviewed a few weeks back. I have the shades I Lilac It A Lot, Roses Are Red and Rioja Your World which you can read the review here. In today’s review I have the shades Violet Summer*, Looking Buff and Back To The Fuchsia*.

I really enjoy using the other 3 shades and was looking forward to trying these 3 shades out. From the press release it stated: You can rock your statement lip from AM to PM thanks to the bold, pigmented shades which last up to 13 hours. The creamy texture promises no flaking or drying, to keep your lips selfie ready at all times! 

Out of the 3 shades, when I swatched Violet Summer it was quite patchy with just one swipe. In the above picture (the far right shade) I went over it a few times. But the other shades were 2 swipes.

First up is Back To The Fuchsia, this is a very bright pink. It’s usually not something  I would wear and don’t have a shade like it in my collection. I think this shade would be perfect for parties or fancy dress. And although it’s no longer summer I think this would be a perfect shade for summer or spring.

This is Violet Summer, the shade I was most unsure about as it swatched quite patchy. When I applied it to my lips again it was quite patchy. I would have liked this shade to be more pigmented so it’s not patchy. It’s an  iridescent shade with blue tones which I think is super pretty.

Lastly is Looking Buff. This is a reddish nude and it is my favourite out of the 6 shades I own. It is more red than I expected but I do really like it and I have similar shades. Looking Buff is a shade I would wear on a daily basis.

Overall these shades are creamy and easy to apply. The only one I’m not a fan of is Violet Summer, for me it’s not pigmented enough and applies very patchy. They last for a good few hours and need reapplying after eating. For being matte shades they don’t dry my lips out which I love. For £4.49 these are good lipsticks and have some really great shades.

Thank you for reading, until next time!


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*This product was sent to me for review, but thoughts and opinions are my own

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