5 Minute Makeup Challenge!

Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing well today! I love watching 5 minute makeup challenges on YouTube, so I thought I would give it a try myself! Usually for work I try to keep my makeup application under 10 minutes, depending on how quickly I got out of bed! So I went all out and added foundation to the routine, which I don’t do for work.

I really enjoyed doing this challenge! I think I’ll have to set myself a 5 minute timer when I’m getting ready for work! It saves me from faffing a lot! I’ll have another video up on Sunday so please subscribe so you don’t miss any uploads!

Thank you so much for reading/watching!

Until next time!


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8 thoughts on “5 Minute Makeup Challenge!

  1. chxrlotterose says:

    I use a timer to do my make up for work and it definitely helps you not faff about haha. What did you use for your brows? It was so quick and easy! xx

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    • Amethyst Rose Beauty says:

      I think I need to start to do that! I think I mentioned it in the video but it’s the Soap & Glory Archery Sculpting Crayon & Setting Gel. I love Soap & Glory brow products! I’ll have a post soon all about them!xx

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