Lets Talk: About A Negative Mindset

Hi guys! I have been thinking lately about starting the first series here on my blog all things I have learnt over the past few years  and I wanted to share tips to help you do the same.  As much as I love makeup and the beauty world, something also important to me is mental health. It’s so easy to become bogged down in everyday life and get caught up in things.

I’m really bad at letting a negative mindset affect my mood and my day. Like I can’t shake that feeling off, it’s like this jacket of negativity is glued to me. Whether the cause of the jacket being put on is down to what someone has said to me, if my blog has a slow day or I feel negative about what I’m doing with my life. Those things can all be solved.  Having a negative mind won’t get me any closer to being happier or those problems being solved. So these are some of the things I do to change my negative mindset that I have learned over the past few years.

Just Breathe
Usually when I’m feeling negative I feel stressed or anxious at the same time. So even though we do this all the time, focussing on breathing can really help. I use the technique of breathing in for 5 seconds and breathing out slowly for 7. I find this helps control not only my breathing but also my trail of thought. Because I have stopped what I’m thinking about and focused on one thing. This is also called mindfulness, when you focus on the present moment and how you feel and think. It helps me put the negative feeling into perspective.

It doesn’t always have to be perfect
I am very much a perfectionist and if something isn’t done to what I deem a high standard I hate it. I cannot leave the task until I have done my absolute best. But sometimes it’s okay to leave something when, to me, it may not be perfect. Because more often than not it’s probably fine anyway and I’m finding flaws that aren’t always there.

It’s going to be okay
Just because something is making me feel negative in the moment doesn’t mean I am having a bad day or a bad week etc. The moment won’t last forever and thinking of something positive that I have done/achieved can help put what I’m feeling into perspective. Just because I might not be feeling on top form in that moment doesn’t mean I won’t get to where I am going or hit the targets I want. And one day those targets will be smashed.

Nothing lasts forever
This saying gets thrown about in different ways but the meaning never varies.  Life really is too short to let negativity effect life for too long. Whilst I am only human and of course feeling negative happens. But it’s how it’s dealt with. Negativity doesn’t need to consume the day or moment.

If you have any other tips on how you deal with a negative moment, please share them in the comments! Thank you so much for reading, I hope you found this post helpful! Until next time!


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19 thoughts on “Lets Talk: About A Negative Mindset

  1. abbeycoseattle says:

    I am currently seeing a counselor to help me deal with anxiety issues. One anxiety trigger I have been learning about is “Automatic Negative Thoughts” (abbreviated as ANTS). We have been talking a lot about how to confront these “ANTs” when they pop into your mind and push them out to create a positive mind set. Acknowledging the thoughts and challenging them are the first steps, and the process can be assisted by regulated breathing to help you relax and push them away. This is very relevant and is also very important to your health! Great post.

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    • Amethyst Rose Beauty says:

      I’ve never heard of ANTs, but that’s really good advice! Thank you for sharing hun, I’m definitely going to give it a go of push those negative thoughts away and turn them into positive ones next time! Thank you!

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  2. The Obsession Begins says:

    I agree with your point about things will be okay. I like the quote “It’s just a bad day, not a bad life” and I relate to this because when I feel worked up about something, I get a little overdramatic. My emotions get a little crazy which is why it helps me to say that!

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  3. IngridMadisonAve says:

    Writing down the things in your life that you are grateful for is good to alter your state of mind at that moment as well as living in a space of appreciation. Focus on the here and now not yesterday, or tomorrow as that brings up too much anxiety. xx

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