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Hi everyone! As you may or may not have noticed my blog name has changed! This has been something I have been thinking about doing for a few months and I really wanted to be sure it was something I wanted before making the change.

Don’t get me wrong I loved Amethyst Rose Beauty and the meaning behind it. I was happy with the name and it suited. However I am someone who likes everything to match. My Youtube is Hannah Amethyst and has been since I started it as I didn’t want to call it Amethyst Rose. I felt that it wasn’t personal enough. My Instagram and Twitter was also a different handle to my Youtube and blog. It just bothered me that everything was different.


So earlier in the year I thought about changing everything to match, I checked social media to make sure I could get the same handle as my youtube. And I could. So after sort of putting it off for a few months, because I didn’t want to just change it and not think about it. I finally took the plunge and changed my blog last week!

I’d like to say it was fairly simple. It was to actually change the name of my blog, however two days after changing I lost over half my followers. If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen. I was gutted, I literally had no clue as to how it had dropped so dramatically! I got in touch with WordPress and messaging back and forth, waiting for them to reply was agonising I literally couldn’t concentrate as I was so concerned I’d broken my blog some how! They initially said they had no record of me loosing any followers and kept asking if I was sure I’d lost that many.

Eventually they told me there was a problem with one of the servers or something! I was just glad to know I hadn’t done anything to cause it!

Overall I am really happy to now be Hannah Amethyst. I feel it’s more personal and that everything on my socials is now Hannah Amethyst! I have even got around to getting a custom url on youtube! I promise this is the last time I change my blog name! As they say, third time lucky!

I just feel that my blog is personal to me and I want to be totally happy with the name, as well as everything on social media. On a slightly different note I am starting to feel more positive and having a new blog name is almost like a fresh start! I am also trying to get my photography skills better, I am still really bad at editing the photos to have text on! So if you have any tips for better editing please comment below!

Thank you for reading, until next time!


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  1. lucyakao says:

    Ohh bless that’s so true I still have different handles for my you tube and blog for sure because my names does not sound professional on a blog but on my YouTube it’s sounds good so I totally understand your point of view and I am glad you have sorted it out .

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