Soap & Glory Thick & Fast HD Collagen-Coat Mascara | Review

Hi everyone! I have been meaning to upload a blog post all week but due to doing coursework I have totally forgotten to upload this! But better late than never! I love Soap & Glory they have some gems in their range! A while ago whilst perusing the isles of Boots (it’s always a danger) and was looking at the Soap & Glory makeup stand. I realised it had been a few years since I had tried their Thick & Fast HD mascara and so it made it’s way home with me (along with a few other goodies, it would be rude not to take advantage of an offer!).


It’s described on as:

The BRUSH is the stuff – Soap & Glory’s 7-SIDED FAN FLARE-180™ brush with a V-groove to lay down volume & intensity, and a network of combing & curling surfaces to give length, definition and DRAMA. Featuring strength-building COLLAGEN.

* PRE-PEPTIDES, LONG-STRETCH POLYMERS that wrap lashes in a flexible, lengthening film and NO FLAKE 24 all-day wear technology, prepare yourself for TOTAL LASH LIFT-OFF!

*Collagen Coat™ Formula contains Collagen Tripeptide-29.

How to use

To achieve fully loaded lashes, apply the first coat with the V-groove for quick-building colour and volume, then ROLL THE BRUSH from the roots to the tips.


Left is before mascara and right is the mascara applied.

I have been using this mascara daily and I think it’s a great drugstore mascara. I find that it can pick up too much product and cause the lashes to go clumpy, which isn’t something I’m a fan of.  So to get rid of the clumps I just wipe the product off the mascara wand and go over my lashes again with no product on the wand to help separate the lashes.

This can make application take longer and add more faff. As someone who is more often than not late I don’t always have time to faff. It’s weird because sometimes it applies fine and other times it applies more clumpy.

I find that it doesn’t flake when worn for 9+ hours only if you don’t touch your eyes! It’s also really easy to wash off with makeup remover! Overall I do like this mascara, it may not be one of my faves but it’s a good purchase from the drugstore!

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11 thoughts on “Soap & Glory Thick & Fast HD Collagen-Coat Mascara | Review

  1. Brittney Ross says:

    I have never tried anything other than bath/body products from Soap & Glory but have always been interested! The Mascara looks beautiful on your eyes, it seems perfect for a light/natural makeup day. Thanks for sharing! xo

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  2. floraalkisses says:

    I havent tried that many makeup products from Soap & Glory but I love their eyebrow pencils. I got this mascara for Christmas and I love it apart from the fact that it can go a bit flakey, it would be great if they brought out a waterproof version! xx

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