My Current Fave Skincare Products!

Within the last year or so I have become obsessed with skincare products. I love trying new products. My collection has grown quite a lot and this is a post I haven’t done before here on my blog. And with lockdown my skin seems to have to gone crazy & breaking out more than I ever have!

Before we get into the products my skin type is oily/combination which is prone to redness and spots. Typically I don’t pick up a lot of products that are for my skin type. I have found that products aimed at oily/combo skin dries my skin out too much and makes me break out more. So I don’t always use products that aren’t aimed at my skin type and have found they work a lot better for me.

Pixi Rose Tonic and Glow Tonic
I love these Pixi Tonics, they are gentle on my skin yet effective. I use the Rose Tonic both in the morning and night, then the Glow Tonic whenever I feel my skin needs more of a boost.

Ole Henrikson Glow2 OH Dark Spot Toner
Another staple in my collection, I love this toner. A little really goes a long way. Initially I used this everyday however, I found it started to irritate my skin. So I stopped using it for a week or so and then start to using it only 2 or 3 times a week. Which doesn’t irritate my skin any more and has started to work wonders again for my skin!

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser
One of the best cleansers I have tried and is a firm staple in my collection! It removes makeup, even stubborn mascara like a dream. It doesn’t dry my skin out and leaves my skin soft. I use mine every evening with the cloth it comes with. Unless I have a lot of eyeshadow/heavier night out makeup this is the only cleanser I use. I highly recommend this cleanser!

No 7 Instant Results Nourishing Hydration Mask
I love this mask. It says on the bottle it’s tailored for dry/very dry skin, whilst I don’t have dry skin I do have dry areas on my face, especially during colder months. It’s guided to use for up to 10 minutes for a more intensive treatment. However, as it’s a hydration mask I leave it on sometimes for about an hour (accidentally admittedly as I can forget I have a mask on!), when I wake up in the morning my skin is smooth, bright and hydrated, ready for the day. I find it has really helped my skin, especially during colder months or after an exhausting week.

Pixi Jasmine Oil Blend
This oil has literally changed my skin. I use 2 drops and this is more than enough. This oil not only intensely moisturises my skin, it also helps to calm my skin if I have lot of redness going on. I use this every evening to help keep my skin hydrated and for helping to calm my skin.

Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Eye Creme
I really love this eye cream, I use it both morning and night and find it really helps my under eyes to look less puffy and brighter. It is slightly expensive for such a small pot, but I use a small amount each time and I really love how it has improved my under eyes!

Those are all the skincare goodies I have been loving over the last few months, let me know in the comments what your fave products to use are!


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