Helen E Cosmetics Neon Pigments Review

Neon was a huge trend this year so it’s no surprise I jumped on the bandwagon and picked up some neon pigments. These neon beauties from Helen E were all over my social media and so I had to try them out for myself!

For £6.50 each they are described as:

The best way to apply the NEON loose pigments is to make sure your skin is prepared and moisturised well with your favourite product. Simply press your applicator or brush into a small amount of the product using the lid to pack the colour into the product and then pat gently onto the skin.

I picked up 6 different pigments – Mango, Magenta, Orchid, Yellow, Blue and Green. The pots are clear plastic and are a little deceiving. It looks like there’s a good amount of product but actually the pot is curved upwards and there isn’t as much as I thought I was getting inside. But saying that they are really pigmented and not a lot is needed to make a look pop.

I use a small dense brush to apply the neon pigment where I want it. They are a little tricky to blend out so work best on top of another eyeshadow if you want a blended out look, as the shadow can underneath can be blended and the neon pigment patted on certain areas to make the look brighter.

I have also mixed these neons with pigment drops and used them as liners and boy was the liner bright! They are so versatile and so easy to make a look more intense! I have loved having these in my collection and over the summer they have definitely been used. Have you been into neons this summer, let me know in the comments below!

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