Me, My Phone and I

Whilst this is slightly embarrassing to admit, this did teach me more than one lesson. Recently I was out shopping for some winter clothes. So in the changing room I was trying on jumpers, but had no pockets to put my phone anywhere and there was no stool in the changing room. One of the jumpers had pockets, so I put my phone in there whilst I tried everything on. After trying everything on I handed back the items I didn’t want and carried on with my shop.

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NYX Matte Liquid Liner vs Kat Von D Tattoo Liner | Comparison Review

Within the beauty community there are always drugstore products being compared to high end products and vice versa. So when I saw a few people I watch on YouTube saying they preferred the NYX Matte Liquid Liner to the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner aka my fave, I knew I wanted to try it. Not only because it’s £7 but also because I am looking to replace my Tattoo Liner as I disagree with Kat’s choice for not vaccinating her child – but that’s a different story.

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Thank U, Next

This morning when I woke up, all over my Twitter timeline were tweets about Ariana Grande’s new song Thank U, Next. As soon as I heard it I felt empowered. I felt like this song is something amazing, rather than slating an ex or anything like that the song thanks them for the lessons she’s learnt. Then turning it into how she’s turned out from all those experiences. It got me thinking about the lessons I’ve learnt from previous relationships. Continue reading

Day Trip to Bristol | Travel Diary

Recently my parents and I went for a day trip to Bristol. Bristol isn’t far from where we live and so we took the train over, ending up at Bristol Train Station which isn’t far from the harbour, aquarium, we the curious and of course Cabot Circus shopping centre. When we went to Bristol Gromit Unleashed 2 was still running, which is a trail around Bristol of different Gromits, Wallace’s and Feathers McGraw. Which if you didn’t know are characters from a British cult classic Wallace and Gromit, an inventor and his dog! The trail raises money for charities with the help of the sculptures, with 60 to find dotted around.

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My LVL Experience

Earlier in the year I treated myself to an LVL treatment, it had been something I had been wanting to try. But with the end of my first year at uni looming I wanted to wait until I’d have time to actually wear makeup and make the most of the treatment. LVL is basically a perm for your eyelashes, it stands for Lengthen, Volume and Lift. I had heard of this for a while before I had it done, but never really understood what it was until I saw a friend had it done and her lashes looked amazing! So after my final assessment was done I decided to treat myself to an LVL. Plus I had many exciting weekends planned so by having my lashes done meant one less step in my makeup routine!

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Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Flash-Extensions Mascara | Review

Finding a good mascara can be a challenge. Everyone wants something different from their mascara, whether it be length, volume, thickness or longevity. For me I look for length and longevity. As my fave drugstore mascara by Seventeen has been discontinued it led me to branch out and try other brands to find a replacement. I have tried the Soap & Glory Thick & Fast HD Collagen-Coat mascara and thought it was a good mascara, which you can read a full review of here. When I was buying some things from Soap & Glory they had a 3-for-2 offer and so I thought I would try another of their mascara’s.

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