Thank U, Next

This morning when I woke up, all over my Twitter timeline were tweets about Ariana Grande’s new song Thank U, Next. As soon as I heard it I felt empowered. I felt like this song is something amazing, rather than slating an ex or anything like that the song thanks them for the lessons she’s learnt. Then turning it into how she’s turned out from all those experiences. It got me thinking about the lessons I’ve learnt from previous relationships. Continue reading

Long Weekend in Cornwall

Earlier in the month Tom and I went for a long weekend away. When picking where we’d like to spend our time we decided upon Cornwall. I have never been to Cornwall and so I was excited to explore! A few days before we were due to go there I looked up things to do in Cornwall and I found so many things to do! So Tom and I narrowed it down to a few choices. I took so many photos from the long weekend and it was so hard to narrow it down to a hand full from each day!

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Sarah Ashcroft x In The Style Collection | Review

Hello everyone! Even though Monday has rolled round again, I have been feeling super positive and I hope you had a good day! On Friday (last week) Sarah Ashcroft’s collaboration with In The Style launched. However I signed up for the pre sale which was on Wednesday and so my items arrived Friday! I don’t really do any fashion posts here, the only other one being the Carli Bybel x Miss Guided Collection. I do love fashion and adding pieces to my collection, so here are the items I managed to bag from Sarah’s collection!

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Letting Things Go

Like most material things in life they come and go through our lives. Some things stay with us forever, reminding us of childhood memories or important moments in our lives. Some are only there until they are broken or no longer serve their purpose.  And other objects fall into a category where they have memories attached to them, like little balloons following them where ever they go, yet are too difficult to let go of even if they’re hardly used.

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Mini Makeup Declutter Spring 2017

I love the season changing from winter to spring. Everything is becoming so colourful again and there is new life starting everywhere! Every spring as I swap my winter wear for lighter layers, the season of new beginnings always inspires me to sort everything out. And so having already sorted out my clothes, shoes and jewellery I thought it was only right to give my makeup a bit of a spring clean.  I thought I would share with you the things I’m decluttering from my makeup collection!

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