Kylie Jenner Inspired Everyday GRWM

Hi everyone! I can’t believe we are now in June, half way into the year already! I feel like I haven’t even got half way through my 2017 goals! There’s plenty of time for those yet! I was recently scrolling through my social media looking for inspiration for an easy everyday look. And I suddenly thought about Kylie Jenner. Whether you love them or hate them the Kardashian/Jenner girls have beautiful makeup, in my opinion. Granted I wouldn’t wear half the looks they’ve done, they are great for inspiration.

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YouTubers/Bloggers Made Me Buy It!

I don’t know about you but I love watching my favourite YouTubers and reading blog posts. And when they rave about their favourite products multiple times, I can’t help but add them onto my mental list of makeup I would love to own. So naturally when I see products YouTubers/bloggers have been using they usually end up coming home with me. So without further ado here are the things YouTubers and bloggers made me buy!

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2016 Beauty Favourites!

2016 has been a crazy year for me. I have some highs as well as lows and as for makeup my collection has exploded. I bought the majority of my makeup this year, mainly as I have replaced it with newer items and some I just couldn’t resist not having in my collection! As this is my first Beauty Favourites I am exited to share what I have loved this year! Continue reading