2016 Beauty Favourites!

2016 has been a crazy year for me. I have some highs as well as lows and as for makeup my collection has exploded. I bought the majority of my makeup this year, mainly as I have replaced it with newer items and some I just couldn’t resist not having in my collection! As this is my first Beauty Favourites I am exited to share what I have loved this year! Continue reading

Festive Bow Eyeliner!

Happy Christmas Eve eve! I’m loving festive makeup looks and as for my final look I am doing a bow eyeliner. I was searching the internet for some festive inspiration and I found a black bow eyeliner. So I decided to try it out but instead of using black eyeliner I used red to make it more festive! I found this quite easy to do and loved how it turned out! Continue reading

Gold Cut Crease

Happy December! We are finally in the last month of 2016! I love Christmas and I have been loving creating festive looks for the season! For my first festive look I have a gold cut crease with red lips! I have recently mastered the skill of a cut crease, and whilst it still has room for improvement, I am loving wearing it!

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Why I’m Going Cruelty Free

Hello everyone and happy Wednesday! The weekend has almost crept upon us. I have decided to write this post about my decision to only use Cruelty Free products as it has become something I feel strongly about. It has been a few months since I had really come across being cruelty free and since then I have been intrigued and finding more information about the things I put inside my body as well as the products I use on my body.

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